Wavescontact is a mixture of relaxation and regeneration techniques and procedures, based on the contact with the waves of the sea.


Healthy Living with the waves

Starting with the assumption that mind and body are not separated entities (when our mind is relaxed, our body is relaxed as well, and vice versa), Wavescontact allows to relax both mind and body at the same time. It may be defined as wave therapy or regenerative path: call it as you like.

I believe that the contact with waves can be considered as the emergency room of nature; it’s just one of them undoubtedly, but the most poetic perhaps. It seems slows down the aging with the waves.

Third Age and wellness

In the past, the contact with the waves of the sea had already been considered, even if differently, as a regenerating and revitalizing factor for human beings.

For this reason, if someone says they have been aware of this for a long time, I won’t be surprised at all. it seems slows down the aging with the waves.

Since I have never seen anyone do this technique before, I took some notes on what I have personally observed and experienced so far. Wavescontact doesn’t involve listening to the sounds of the sea in a CD, or looking at the sea while you are seated on an armchair, or imaging to be on the beach, but it involves diving into the sea, getting close to the nature with your body and doing some simple exercises to enter into a harmonious vibration with the waves of the sea.