The author is not a luminary in a particular discipline.

Since his teenage he has shown interest and studied Oriental disciplines, meditation and Shamanism.

He has been to several countries (never as a tourist), including India, South-Eastern Asia, Caribbean, Sahara Desert and South Pole (Antarctica), where he could gain valuable life experiences.

He sees himself as a traveler-researcher.

Just out of curiosity and for the love of research, he accidentally realized that there is a hidden language in the waves of the sea.

Wavescontact originates from this accidental discovery.

When Wavescontact is practiced, all the regenerating and relaxing effects of an aware contact with the waves of the sea can be experienced, and leaves your body relaxed.


Spreading the Wavescontact technique

Participating in seminars

Organizing courses

Developing the research on the “human being – sea waves” energies