Exercise 1 – Embracing the wave in a no stress experience

relieve stress, relax, relaxing experienceWhile looking at the sea, when you see the wave (that should be at least 10 meters from you) coming, breath in slowly until the inhaling cycle coincides with the moment when the wave passes you, and then turn, rotating clockwise, toward the shore following the wave and, contemporaneously, breath out.

Your breath becomes the wave itself; as the wave that passes you in that specific moment dies, so does the breath you take in that specific moment, die: you will never take that breath again, but your next breath will originate from the one before. Do every step calmly: be determined only when you rotate.

Do a sequence of 8 breaths at least, until you achieve a natural rhythm you will discover a unique relaxing experience with the waves, which can leaves your body relaxed.


Exercise 7- Creating waves

relieve stress, relax, relaxing experienceThis exercise has a very deep and mysterious meaning. I leave it up to you to understand it fully. So far, it has been hard for me too to understand it completely.

If there are no waves and the sea is flat, you won’t have to look in a definite direction when you do this exercise.If the sea creates waves, do the following exercise looking in the same direction of the waves of the sea.

Stand chest-deep with your legs slightly bent to be more stable.

Stretch out your arms as if you had to lift a big can.

With your hand closed like a shell or a shovel and vertically bent slightly under the water surface (just an inch under the water surface), move it decisively towards the opposite side (if you use your right hand, move it to the left and vice versa): you will create a wave. Keep doing this movement until you make a turn of 180 degrees.

At the beginning, you should not move your hand too intensely:  increase the intensity of movements only after you refine your technique. You will create waves of up to 30 centimeters!

That’s not all.

relieve stress, relax, relaxing experience


relieve stress, relax, relaxing experience