With these simple exercises you’ll discover the law of wellness.

Sea is obviously required for this technique. Swimming pool is not suitable for several reasons: in fact, even wave pools (that are hard to find, though) can be used only for some exercises such as the one called “creating waves”. Moreover, swimming pools are unnatural environments, so they are not suitable for this technique. Just out of curiosity, I tried some sequences in a swimming pool: I felt a strange sensation at the end, a mixture of nausea and unnatural shortness of breath. This unease disappeared only when I came out of the pool.

The sea should be clean. I know that going to Sardinia or Australia every time is almost impossible, but polluted areas or places that are too close to harbors should be avoided.

You should arrive at the beach very early to enjoy it fully: in fact, the sea is more calm early in the morning (or late in the evening), the beach is all ours and the sound of waves can be heard without the typical noises of a crowded beach.

I suggest to those who easily wake up early in the morning to go to the beach at sunrise: surprisingly, it can become like a drug! The most magic moments of the day I have experienced so far are undoubtedly those ones!

If you decide to go to the beach in the evening, you may experience a less intense, but beneficial sensation anyway.

Although I personally prefer the morning, I practice Wavescontact also in the evening. However, I noticed that energies are different.

When you come closer to the beach, you should try to slow down your movements.

Greet the sea, thank it for the life that it gives us, think about the desolation that might exist in our Earth without the sea, think about all the creatures that live inside the sea, the clouds that form thanks to the sea and that will bring water and life, as well as winds and tides, on the entire earth.

Be thankful to the sea: we come from there.

Sit on the sand and observe this immeasurable breadth of water for 10 minutes at least: try to sense its colors, its smells, its vastness; listen to the rhythm of small waves and you will suddenly hear a sort of singing. If you don’t hear it, don’t worry: it’s just a matter of time.